Welcome to the Rensburg Medical Clinic

Dr. Hendrik Rensburg’s unique treatment system specialises in two areas of Endocrinology:

  1. Bariatric Medicine (Treating Overweight and Obesity), and
  2. Corrective Hormonal Therapies (CHT).

We also specialise in Health Preservation and Improvement.

When used together, this is an excellent system for optimising a person’s health. At the Rensburg Medical Clinic we have a ‘gold standard’ of treatment that uses a youthful, unmedicated, normal-weight individual, with no identifiable illness as its barometer. This enables us to go above and beyond the usual criteria of Medical Practice - which only focuses on the general population.

At the Rensburg Medical Clinic we believe prevention is the answer - and that is the focus of our third Treatment Program:

  1. Health Preservation and Improvement.

Our treatment programs involve many years of active research and development, and this process is ongoing.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.