About the Treatment

About the Functional Lipolytic Treatment System and mission statement:

The main therapeutic goal, purpose and philosophy of the treatment is not weight loss per se, but to achieve a state of Optimum Functional Health in order to slow the devastating consequences of aging. This cannot be achieved with excess fat placing a burden on the body.

Consequently, the first Phase is designed to get rid of this body excess fat. The second Phase of the treatment is designed to retard the Aging Process, achieve, and maintain Optimum Functional Health, and Body Fat.

Obesity (Hyperadiposis or Adipomegaly as we prefer to call it at the Clinic) is an incurable disease that can only be controlled. Treatment should therefore be planned to be long term.

We are committed to restoring health in individuals suffering from Over Fatness (Hyperadiposis) and its devastating consequences by providing a devoted Treatment Program that portrays medical excellence and offers quality care, education, guidance and support. Not only restoring health, but improving and maintaining it. This can only be done, by following an age retarding program.

We will guide you through a safe experience, a well-prepared treatment course and a lifetime follow-up.

Obesity is not just a minor cosmetic problem, but a severe medical problem. It affects up to 70% of the western world's population to varying degrees.

The Functional Lipolytic Treatment System (FLS):

Dr. Rensburg has over many years developed the Functional Lipolytic System with the challenges of modern medicine in mind. We are living in rapidly changing times and an ever-increasing aging population. Optimum Functional Health and the slowing of the Aging Process have become priorities of the top order.

The Lipolytic System is not an isolated treatment program just with weight loss in mind. The main therapeutic goal is to bring the patient in a state of Optimum Function, Metabolic Fitness and a slowing of the Aging Process. The latter, unfortunately, starts young and the sooner it is addressed the better, but you will benefit greatly at any age.

It is a system and, therefore, consists of various treatment modalities, interlinking with each other in a unique way. The Functional Lipolytic System is very flexible and can be adapted to suit all degrees of over-fatness, fitness, ages and health status. The Functional Phase is ideally suitable for individuals, without excess fat, who are interested in maintaining good health and controlling of the Aging Process. However, the first step in slowing the Aging Process is to remove the burden, of excess fat with its destructive metabolic consequences.

Dr Rensburg's Functional Lipolytic System of Treatment consists of two main Phases and four sub Stages namely:

PHASE 1: The Lipolytic Phase

Phase 1 entails a comprehensive medical work up and getting rid of all the excess fat. Some patients call it the "Demolition- Phase". Bio-markers of aging are also tested and investigated.

It is subdivided in:

Stage 1: The preparation and assessment, commencing with the Initiation Seminar.

Stage 2: The excess fat losing stage to normal fat % (the so called "weight loss" stage)

PHASE 2: The Functional Phase

This phase starts once the Lipolytic Phase is completed and is life long. Bio-makers of Aging are followed up to monitor the rate of aging and to treat aging as any disease in order to slow it down. The aim is to lower your biological age to at least that of your chronological age, but preferably less than. Only in the case of the latter can the Aging Process be slowed down.

It is subdivided in:

Stage 3: The stabilisation and maintenance of normal fat percentage

Stage 4: Age Control and continuing maintenance.

Some patients are only suitable for the Functional Phase of the FLS, i.e. persons with normal fat % and who are interested in achieving Optimum Functional Health, Age Retardation and Age Rate Monitoring. It is so designed that these individuals can just join the Functional Phase. However, all persons, with even a small degree of excess fat, need to do both Phases of the System.

Since our research and experience has shown that a well-informed patient is a better patient, as it pertains to the treatment of Obesity and Health Maintenance, Stage 1 starts with a day long Seminar. The doctor patient relationship is different than under normal circumstances, in that the patient is not a passive recipient of treatment, but becomes an active participant.


Seminars are a very important part of our treatment. For more information, please visit our Seminars page.

About The Seminars

The Follow-up Visits are Required

In an Age Retardation Program, it is obvious that every potentially hazardous habit and action should be identified and eliminated. This involves appropriately scheduled testing for bio-markers of aging and other investigations if necessary. These contact visits are also used to encourage behaviour and life style modification, safe exercise patterns and wise health choices.

Your whole health profile is taken into account as well as other conditions you may be suffering from. If you have any medical test results bring these along to the doctor on your first consultation in order to prevent possible duplicationThe Functional Lipolytic System is a medical program and can only be administered by experienced medical supervision. We are not a commercial concern, as such, and consequently are primarily concerned with you welfare.


The Functional Lipolytic System is a medical program and can only be administered by experienced medical supervision. We are not a commercial concern, as such, and consequently are primarily concerned with you welfare.

Your Family Doctor

We like to work together with your Family Doctor and other Health Care Providers you may have. With your wishes and permission, we would keep them informed about your progress by sending your medical results to them and work with them in your best interests.