Polar Bears and Hummingbirds

A Medical Guide to Weight Loss

Maintenance and Health

This is a serious book - all 429 pages - for people who are serious about losing weight, or staying thin... two states of health that are not mutually exclusive.

The author, Dr Hendrik Rensburg, has a dry sense of humour that pervades this book, as do the cartoons by acclaimed cartoonist and satirist Ron Tandberg. But Rensburg doesn't let humour cloud his zeal his mission is to save lives and indeed, to extend life.

What sets this book apart is that it addresses the issue of weight from a medical perspective. The author pulls no punches - there is no "quick fix" when it comes to controlling your weight. He re-writes the adage about having your cake and eating it - you can't stay thin and eat cake too!

This is a book about health that addresses a broad range of topics. As issues affecting health are inter-connected, Rensburg argues that the topics in his book are inter-connected and that it should be read in sequence to put the reader in control.

From weight loss, to weight maintenance and staying healthy, this is a book for the serious that needs to be read in its entirety, thereafter it will serve as a valuable reference guide for years to come. Polar Bears and Humming Birds - A Medical Guide to Weight Loss debunks the myths while offering solutions.

Trust this book to show you how to safely lose weight and keep it off. Controlling overweight is something everyone can do to preserve their health including their mental health.

As we age blocked blood vessels from cerebrovascular disease is the big threat to staying happy and mentally well.

I believe cerebrovascular disease is the principle cause not only of dementia but depression and other mental illness in the over 50s.

Controlling your weight is first and most important in the prevention of blocked blood vessels.

Dr David J Smith Psychiatrist

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