Meet Our Team

Dr. Hendrik MJ v Rensburg MD

MA MB.Bch. BAO. (TCD) M.R.C.S. (Eng) L.R.C.P. (Lond)

Faculty Member of the International Hormone Society (IHS)

Dr. Rensburg is the Medical Director of The Rensburg Medical Clinic, incorporating the Hobart St Medical Clinic.

He has practiced clinically in the field of Bariatric Medicine on three continents for the past 37 years. Dr Rensburg incorporated Corrective Hormonal Therapies (CHT) into the practice 27 years ago, due to its relevance and synergy with Bariatric Medicine. So far, he has treated thousands of patients in these fields of Medicine.

Although described by some of his colleagues as an “Obesity Clinician”, Dr Rensburg does not approve of the term “obesity”. (He prefers its new name HAS2).

Dr Rensburg holds Postgraduate qualifications from the International Academy of Nutrition and The Australian College of Nutritional Medicine.

He was also a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) from 1982 to 2008 - but now considers this society’s views too conservative and dated. He is also a past Member of the Endocrine Society and ESA (*please define).

A faculty member of the International Hormone Society (IHS) since its inception, Dr Rensburg is also a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on Obesity (HAS), Somatropin, CHT, Functional and Bariatric Medicine.

Dr Rensburg carries out a lot of his own research, and has devised and developed a wide range of concepts, terminologies and protocols to make his treatment as practical and effective as possible. Some of these have been world firsts.

Of course, removing the mystique from such treatment was quite a challenge initially. Dr Rensburg also holds an independent grant for research in certain aspects of thyroid function and HAS.

He is the author of the highly respected textbook “Polar Bears Humming Birds a Medical Guide to Weight Loss”, as well as a number of associated articles on Corrective Hormonal Therapies (CHT), Bariatric and Functional Medicine.

Dr Rensburg’s research has also greatly increased the success rate in Bariatric treatments.

He regularly attends many relevant national and international conferences and clinics - to both exchange views and improve and update his treatment programs. He also acts as Clinical Advisor for several Clinics overseas.

Dr Rensburg is currently writing a new book based on his many years of experience and research, but with some important points of difference. The expected release date is 2019, and the book will make suitable reading for both the Medical Profession and the public. It examines one of the biggest epidemics of our time - Hyper-Fat, Juvenispuase (or the pausing of youth), and how to stay healthy (Functional Medicine). Dr Rensburg believes all three of these fields of Medical Practice should be seen as one.

Despite today’s rapid technological changes and scientific developments, Dr Rensburg believes the book will be of lasting quality, and leave an enduring legacy, for both the general public and Medical fraternity. Indeed, it is a highly serious publication, with both book and manual expected to comprise up to 500 pages.

Frances Zampogna

Fran is the main receptionist and administrative staff member. She has the special distinction of working at the Clinic for over 30 years. Indeed, this has been her first and only job - and we congratulate her on her consistency and reliability. She also speaks Italian.

Fran comes from a family with significant weight problems, and she also has to watch her weight. It is admirable how for more than 30 years now, Fran has managed to keep her GOFES (Hyper-Fat) at bay. She is an inspiration to all of us.

Neil Forsey

Neil is the Clinic’s main counselor and Practice manager. He has an interesting background as, over the years, he really struggled with gaining excess fat. One day he decided to do something about it. After studying the subject, he managed to lose all his excess weight all by himself; and keep it off.

Also known as the “Hungry Coach”, Neil is a good listener and very empathetic to patients. You will find him very useful in assisting you in your treatment.