Vitamins and Minerals

Looking through the huge volume of supplements available in today's market place just makes you more confused. What do I need? I'm tired, stressed and want more energy.

You venture into this wonderful place of vitamin and minerals that promises 'to fix you up'. Loaded with an armful of bottles you seek the ever-helpful hovering sales person and purchase the lot. You get them home, not quite sure how to start your new regime.

Do you have them before or after breakfast? How many do you need to take? Can you take all the supplements together? The brain fog that sent you there in the first place gets thicker.

No wonder sometimes you just want to give up. But vitamin and mineral supplementation are an excellent choice in moving towards your optimal health maintenance. However, you may need help.

The Rensburg Medical Clinic certainly makes your choices easier by researching brands and ingredients. We have many good options for you so that the supplements work in synergy with each other and your body. Just Ask.

We have a list of some of the supplements available on request. If you would like to know more, contact the clinic .

For more information about Vitamins and Minerals in general, read our Vitamins and Minerals Summary below.

Vitamins and Minerals Summary