What We Treat at The Rensburg Medical Clinic

The above is an illustration of the Endocrine System as we usually see it. Unfortunately, the fat-mass - which is an endocrine organ by itself, (i.e. it makes its own hormones) - is never usually included in these illustrations.

Therefore, if you are overweight but only want to do Corrective Hormonal Therapies (or CHT 2), and do not want to do anything about your excess-fat, (which is also part of your Endocrine System), we cannot accept you as a patient, unless you do both in your own interest.

Our goal is to bring you to a state of optimal and peak health. Remember:

‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.’

Of course, Medical Practice consists of many different areas, including Cardiology, Obstetrics and Endocrinology.

Some doctors are also specialists in just one area - and become expert in it by giving all of their time, effort and education to it. Others go even further and treat just one disease (or part of it), and again, become expert at it.

At the Rensburg Medical Clinic we concentrate on (and treat) only two sub-categories of Endocrinology, with both incorporating Preventive Medicine. Once our patients have optimized these two, they can then go on to an even higher state of health by doing the Third treatment program, which also concentrates on Preventive Medicine.

Which of the treatment options is best suited to you?

  1. For those who are just overweight, you need the Bariatric Medical Program
  2. Patients with hormonal issues, like thyroid, menopause and andropause, need the Corrective Hormonal Therapies (CHT) Program
  3. This third option is is for patients who are already healthy and simply want to improve their health, and slow down the ageing process. Although it follows on from the first two programs, patients may end up taking part in one or all of these programs, depending on their circumstances.

1. Bariatric Medicine

This is the treatment and management of overweight/obesity (HAS) and some of its associated conditions. (This involves the “Fat Mass” part of the Endocrine System - pictured in the illustration at the beginning of this article.)

*Please note the Rensburg Clinic is one of first in the world to coin some of these concepts and phrases, and through our ongoing research have proven it produces better results. As a result, we are now leaders in this field.

At the Clinic, we only carry out the Medical Bariatric side of ‘Bariatrics’ - working with Bariatric Surgeons, where appropriate. According to the World Health Authority (WHO) carrying excess fat in the body can cause more than 60 diseases. Thus, we go to great lengths to ensure proper diagnoses are made through extensive clinical examinations.

2. Corrective Hormonal Therapies

This involves restoring hormones to more youthful levels (if indicated), as well treating other hormonal conditions. At the Clinic, we have developed several individual treatment protocols in this area, and we also carry out ongoing research to improve treatment and management.

In many ways, CHT is an extension of Bariatric Medicine, and vice versa. Although not all of our patients fall into the ‘obese’ category, if they have hormonal imbalances they usually only participate in the CHT part. They are then able to follow up with the third Treatment Program for Optimum Health.

Areas covered include the treatment of menopause, andropause and some thyroid conditions. We have also coined a new phrase for these conditions: ‘Juvenipause’ which helps in both understanding and treatment.

As mentioned, the above areas are used for treating disease processes. The following (third) area is a natural, logical follow up to the above two areas:

3. Maintaining and Preserving Optimal and Peak Health (Preventive Medicine)

This form of Health Medicine aims to bring patients into Optimum Health and Metabolic Fitness for their age and circumstances. The goal is to keep patients as healthy as possible for as long as possible - while also maintaining normal fat percentage, lifestyle and optimal hormonal balance.

Functional Medicine is generally only suitable for those patients who carry a normal fat percentage. If you are overweight (HAS) it will drastically diminish, or even eradicate, the benefits of Functional Medicine, or CHT.

Thus we insist (in your own interest) that all patients lose any excess-fat through the weight loss (Bariatric) program, at the same time.

Often called “Anti-Ageing” medicine, we view this area as a commercial marketing concept (please see the section on “Juvenipause”).

Please note the above do overlap each other to varying degrees, especially as they are all part of the bigger branch of Endocrinology and Preventative Medicine.

For those patients who need it, we can also refer you as necessary: or on request.

N.B. If you request CHT (2) and/or Functional Medical (3) treatment - but clearly carry excess fat - you will not get the full benefit from it unless you lose the excess fat. In such circumstances, patients must lose their excess fat, while also completing the formal “Weight Loss Program”. (Please see Bariatric Medicine (1), as mentioned above).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not treat any other areas or branch of Medicine, General Medical or Surgical Practice or Medical Conditions, other than the three areas above. If you present with any conditions outside of our area of expertise, we request you see your own Doctor: or we can refer you to a specialist Doctor.

As we are highly skilled at making diagnoses, we do occasionally accept patients who need a second opinion. However, if your area does not fall within our expertise, we are unable to follow it up. Therefore, these patients are advised to consult with the appropriate expert in these areas.

At the Clinic, we may be able to advise you on certain things, but generally we do not do rectal prostate examinations, breast screening or similar, as that is best left up to your own Doctor.

Your lab and other tests

After consultation, you will get a copy from the Clinic of your blood and other test results, which can be discussed with your Doctor. However, please understand that due to our treatment and philosophy, your doctor may give you another interpretation when guided by the lab reference ranges.

At the Rensburg Clinic, we look forward to being a valuable part of your health and wellness team. We also take pride in ensuring clear and accurate communication is maintained between ourselves and other Doctors and Health Care Providers, in the interests of our patients.

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PHASE 1: The Lipolytic Phase

Phase 1 entails a comprehensive medical work up and getting rid of all the excess fat. Some patients call it the "Demolition- Phase". Bio-markers of aging are also tested and investigated.

It is subdivided in:

Stage 1: The preparation and assessment, commencing with the Initiation Seminar.

Stage 2: The excess fat losing stage to normal fat % (the so called "weight loss" stage)

PHASE 2: The Functional Phase

This phase starts once the Lipolytic Phase is completed and is life long. Bio-makers of Aging are followed up to monitor the rate of aging and to treat aging as any disease in order to slow it down. The aim is to lower your biological age to at least that of your chronological age, but preferably less than. Only in the case of the latter can the Aging Process be slowed down.

It is subdivided in:

Stage 3: The stabilisation and maintenance of normal fat percentage

Stage 4: Age Control and continuing maintenance.

Some patients are only suitable for the Functional Phase of the FLS, i.e. persons with normal fat % and who are interested in achieving Optimum Functional Health, Age Retardation and Age Rate Monitoring. It is so designed that these individuals can just join the Functional Phase. However, all persons, with even a small degree of excess fat, need to do both Phases of the System.

Since our research and experience has shown that a well-informed patient is a better patient, as it pertains to the treatment of Obesity and Health Maintenance, Stage 1 starts with a day long Seminar. The doctor patient relationship is different than under normal circumstances, in that the patient is not a passive recipient of treatment, but becomes an active participant.


Seminars are a very important part of our treatment. For more information, please visit our Seminars page.

About The Seminars

The Follow-up Visits are Required

In an Age Retardation Program, it is obvious that every potentially hazardous habit and action should be identified and eliminated. This involves appropriately scheduled testing for bio-markers of aging and other investigations if necessary. These contact visits are also used to encourage behaviour and life style modification, safe exercise patterns and wise health choices.

Your whole health profile is taken into account as well as other conditions you may be suffering from. If you have any medical test results bring these along to the doctor on your first consultation in order to prevent possible duplicationThe Functional Lipolytic System is a medical program and can only be administered by experienced medical supervision. We are not a commercial concern, as such, and consequently are primarily concerned with you welfare.


The Functional Lipolytic System is a medical program and can only be administered by experienced medical supervision. We are not a commercial concern, as such, and consequently are primarily concerned with you welfare.

Your Family Doctor

We like to work together with your Family Doctor and other Health Care Providers you may have. With your wishes and permission, we would keep them informed about your progress by sending your medical results to them and work with them in your best interests.